Tips To Avoid Being Hacked at Work – #1

We are sending out three important “Ways To Avoid Being Hacked At Work”. We hope that even if you and your organization are fully aware of these we will be able to heighten the awareness so your organization will be ready when these attacks occur.

#1: Always check the address in the “from” section of your e-mails. One of the most clever tricks used by external hackers is to send messages to employees that appear to be from the companies IT department. These e-mails will often ask you to download “software updates” or other files. By simply checking and confirming that the e-mail address is legitimate could save you from this easy trick. Note: It’s always good to confirm with IT prior to downloading or updating any files that are sent via e-mail.

The idea of penetration testing seems to be something that has grown at light speed over the past few years as well-known names like Target, Zappos, and Apple have come under intense attention for their public security breaches. Information security is ever-evolving and penetration testing addresses these issues head on. We have been told over and over again, that experts in this area are hard to find, and even harder to employ. The basis of PenTestPros is that we solve this challenge by offering direct services, at a reasonable cost. To find out more, visit our various pages above to contact us or learn more about our service offerings.


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