What We Do

pen testingPenTestPros.com offers a simple, easy-to-understand suite of penetration testing services to commercial organizations throughout the United States. PenTestPros.com is a commercial product offering of Chameleon Integrated Services, and can demonstrate a strong track record of IT security systems past performance that includes work for the federal government and a diverse group of commercial customers (small and large).

We make the process of executing the most critical elements of penetration testing available in an easy to implement and easy to afford manner. We offer four separate services individually and as a bundle, that we believe are critical to establishing IT system security for your organization.

Our service offerings include:

  • Internal Penetration Testing
  • External Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Penetration Testing
  • Spear Phishing Campaigns

These services can be performed quickly and easily by our team anywhere in the United States. PentestPros.com uses top pen. testing experts from across the U.S. to implement our security procedures. You can rest-assured that all work performed will be completed by a verifiable and accredited IT security expert. Additionally, all of our service offerings include deliverables and reports following all of our security protocols.

Penetration testing for your organization has never been easier. Use the contact form below to learn more and to receive a free quote from our sales team.



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